Growing up in the midwest was an experience of cultural and pressured isolation. Extreme natural phenomena could crack and break monotonousness horizons.  I  would often visit my grandparents homestead farm; it supplied endless visions of sublime open land and sky — solitude and fascination eventually settled into a creative escape beyond aesthetic understanding.

My work encompasses various aspects of interactivity; visually and aesthetically—sculpture, new media, environmental and site-based alterations evolve as participants interact with-in a space.

My content is a mix of philosophical and psychological—representing a subjective and objective viewpoint that encourages the viewer to connect to the negative space while experiencing internal and external reactions based on perceptual filters. I use a re-interpretation of nature as a conduit to reach the content of my work—technology is then used to combine nature with the human experience.

The connection between content, medium and form are essential to my work—layers born of excessive content, edited down to its singular essence— encompassing various aspects of interactivity with opened windows and closed transitions that randomly blur the lines of perceived reality.