‘ROOM (2018) was staged in a small 10′ x12’ utility type room in 131B Kadema Hall, CSUS.  The work searches for the relationship between being humanity and nature.  The foundation of the content resides within the few remaining vernal pools left in the Sacramento Area.  I often visit this isolated and vulnerable area during all seasons of the year.  Imaging what was, over thousands of years, what is left and how live survives and thrives through the drought and wet seasons.  I embrace the beauty yet question humanities place, my own place and how the beauty and destruction exist’s in each of us forever searching and surviving for our place in nature.

As the viewer enters the room, which is blacked out, the projected image on the wall is slowly revealed as the visitor’s vision adjusts to the darkness.  In the audio I use my own voice intended to be undefined and nearly understood.

ROOM was awarded the Increase Robinson Memorial Fellowship Award at the annual Student Award Show, Robert Else Gallery, CSUS.