Entropy was staged at CSUS University Library Gallery, Annex in Spring 2019. The group Master of Art graduate show, Portals & Passages, was curated by Natalie Nelson, Director of Pence Gallery.  I included a small pedestal next to Entropy presenting various video, musical compositions and audio samples I used to eventually get to the final product. 

Entropy Artist Statement 2019   (Click on)

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The vocal audio of Entropy was based the first three measures of Mosart’s requiem in D minor. I deconstructed the chords and recorded a vocal arrangement of the new form.  

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“Tammy Helenske is a video artist whose work Entropy delves into a submerged realm of water, beginning with a familiar sequence of ripples in the water, seen overhead from a boat. The soft green of the river is overlaid with a rippling image of stairs that repeat upwards. Helenske used video footage shot in both New Orleans and Sacramento, layering the video, and then slowing it down to create a quickly shifting pattern of biomorphic shapes. The audio component also shifts from a series of soft resonating tones, to a staccato of rain drops in black and white. Finally, the audio changes to reveal scratchy sounds like static, almost mechanical in nature. The narrative breaks down as all forms of recognizable imagery vanishes, leaving the viewer feeling confused, out-of-body, and constricted. Helenske’s video illuminates a feeling of altered reality, and a loss of place and identity, that is jarring visually and aurally. It is natural for the viewer to try to make sense through identifying objects and places, but this journey disrupts that attempt, until the video loops and begins again. It is a familiar trip that at once we know, and yet we may not want to participate in.”

-Natalie Nelson, Curator/Director, Pence Gallery