First Festival Sacramento “In the Flesh”


I am thrilled to be chosen as an installation artist for First Fest 2017.  My piece, “In The Flesh” will be a large installation piece (100 sq. ft) with forms suspended within a 10′ x 10′ frame.  The sculpture has been shifted and altered from the previous performance art work Barmicidal Banquet.  The current image below is a 3D view of the potential work.  Boxes will be installed within the frame and hung by clear line.   The boxes will be painted to represent all the shades and tones of human skin. Placed in the boxes, in physical form, will be social and cultural representations, symbols and totems of diversity. The Installation is based on the First Fest art theme “Unity in Diversity”.

3D model

In the flesh 3D2

Unity in Diversity statement:

At times people are judged by the tone of their skin. Within the installation, “In The Flesh”,  the similar shape of the boxes represent our similarities of being human.
The metal frame reflects our perceptions of each other that not only can sustain us, but can also imprison us. When one box moves, they all move, this is the invisible threads of life that ties us together. The objects in the boxes are the internal world of individuals; personal and cultural. If we take the time to open the boxes (the person) we find a human being, similar, yet unique to all of us.  Representing unity in diversity, in the form of installation art, is an opportunity for the viewer to consider a different perspective when considering our communities. 

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cathy stewart photo
Submerge First Fest 2017

First Fest was a success! Sacramento artists were showcased; musicians, artists and comedians came together for an exciting weekend.  Some of the photo’s taken of my installation were awesome.  The work took seventeen hours to assemble, thus turning the sculpture back into a performance piece that continued to be assembled during  festival time.