(April, 2016)
Secrets is a social practice installation art work that was active for one week in April 2016 at Sacramento State R.W Witt Gallery.

Participants entered the space and were given the option to chose a sealed paper bag with an anonymous secret written on a cup to bring into the gallery.

Once in the gallery they could break, display or hang the secret. In exchange for taking a secret, they had to write/give a secret, in a private station, on a blank cup, seal it in a paper bag, and donate to future visitors; creating a cycle of give and take.

The whispering is a recording of the secrets shared on the cups, in the gallery space. It is the audio that occurred during the show.

I have included a list of ~50 secrets I copied off cups (topic /survival stats, unedited & w/ permission from authors)**Warning: The secrets list could be potentially disturbing and offensive to some.



Out of respect for anonymity, visitor’s were not video recorded.

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